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Centennial celebration at the Musée Rodin

Meudon and Paris - November 17, 2017

During a solemn ceremony in Meudon at 11am on November 17, 2017 the Rodin world gathered in the "great hall of plasters" to mark 100 years since the passing of the master.

Right where Rodin last sat...

potent words were spoken,

lovely singing filled Rodin's studio,

and around The Thinker where the master's State Funeral was held on November 24, 1917

children laid roses on the tomb of Auguste Rodin and Rose Beuret.

Merci Monsieur Rodin!

I was very moved to share this moment with eminent Rodin scholar Jérôme Le Blay.

Au revoir Meudon, see you again soon....

The celebrations continued in music at the Paris site of the Musée Rodin,

where I was overjoyed to finally discover the first cast of an "inédit" The Inner Voice,

a masterpiece of which I had noted the plaster in the fall of 2016, during the exhibition "Hell according to Rodin."

The Musée Rodin decided to cast this model in bronze in celebration of the centennial of the master. I will present this work extensively in a dedicated entry, but I couldn't resist sharing a first glance here.

At nightfall we were invited to the first floor of the Hotel Biron, where overlooking the gardens

we were treated with a spectacular show of lights and fireworks.

Merci de tout coeur Catherine Chevillot!

Vive la sculpture! Vive Rodin!

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