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It is with a certain sense of anticipation that I open a new chapter in my 30 years foray into culture.

Through the intuitionX platform, I choose to make public the pursuit of my endeavour, taking as a springboard the program of my Berlin art gallery, where I have explored for six years to great personal satisfaction, and also to quite significant public acclaim, the relationship between Modern and Contemporary Art.

As my research 2.0, though, I posit that however contemporary art is, the moment it exists, it immediately enters the past. So essentially, the scope of my research so far has always been turned to times foregone.

By contrast, I’ve come to the realisation that we stand at a momentous point in the evolution of our species.

I have decided therefore to engage with the fascinating, although at times frightening developments in science, while at the same time examining the ways in which the realisation of our dreams might in fact be rooted in Antiquity.